Bratz Yasmin by Marmol & Son for Women

Bratz Yasmin by Bratz, Bratz Yasmin is a sweet, bright fragrance perfect for the fun, friendly little girl in your life.

Irresistible cotton candy opens the scent, instantly signaling a zest for life and a passion for new adventures. Sweet vanilla adds to the treacly cotton candy, and then deepens the scent profile with a creamy richness. Finally, juicy mandarin orange lifts up the perfume with a sunny jolt. Bratz Yasmin is a delightfully vivid fragrance fit for any girl with a sparkly personality and a loving nature.

The Bratz brand was established 2001 as a line of contemporary fashion dolls for the modern child. Chloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin were the original four personalities. Four years after launching, sales reached $2 billion. By 2006, Bratz enjoyed about 40% of the competitive fashion doll market. The line’s success spurred several doll spin-offs, as well as a television series, video games, music albums, and other entertainment offerings.

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