L'effleur by Coty for Women

L'effleur by Coty, L'Effleur was released in 1990 as a re-issue of one of Coty’s original scents by the same name, which had been launched in 1907 but was discontinued around 1938. The new perfume composition was based on that of the first issue but was revamped with modern ingredients. The vintage floral fragrance includes notes of citrus, fresh cut greens and flowers, and aldehydes.

The bottle and its packaging were designed by Cynthia Hart, contributing editor to Victoria Magazine, and included authentic Victorian era die cuts and fabrics.

Coty was founded in 1904 by Frenchman Joseph Marie François Spoturno. He studied under a pharmacist in Paris to learn the art of perfumery and aimed to revolutionize the industry. Indeed, his keen marketing skills began to make fragrances available to the middle class, while still maintaining the elegant beauty of bottles and scents.

The company’s eau de toilettes expanded to other perfumed products and cosmetics, and after a merger with Pfizer pharmaceuticals in the 1960s, it became an almost exclusive brand dominating drugstores around the globe.

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