Pheromone Jasmine by Marilyn Miglin for Women

Pheromone Jasmine Perfume by Marilyn Miglin, Embrace your feminine side with Pheromone Jasmine.

This aroma combines jatamansi with lotus to create a sensual and refreshing experience. Middle notes include juniper, which accent the perfume’s white floral appeal. A foundation of myrrh cushions this fragrance with a subtly soft backdrop. Hints of smoky and balsamic scents add an excellent splash of spice. It is perfect for a relaxing weekend or a busy summer’s day.

For over 40 years, Marilyn Miglin has excelled in the beauty industry. As a former model and entrepreneur, her name is synonymous with elegance and beauty. After starting a successful line of perfumes for women and men, she was named one of the nation’s top 500 business women. She is known as an author and public speaker, in addition to creator of her cosmetics and skin care products. She founded the Woman of Destiny Program in order to find mentors and role models for young women in Chicago.

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