Barbie Fashion Girl by Mattel for Women

Barbie Fashion Girl by Mattel, Barbie Fashion Girl is a perfume from Mattel. It was designed as a starter fragrance for young girls, but the alluring, simple scent can also work well for women of all ages. This product focuses on the fashionable side of Barbie, so it's not surprising that a single floral note takes center stage when it comes to the fragrance. As the lemony fresh rose builds throughout each layer, it is accompanied by sweeter notes of apple and vanilla to create a well-rounded aroma.

Mattel is a toy company known for its Barbie doll. The brand started offering fragrances in 1997. Each product is packaged in a way that appeals to the girls who play with the dolls. Barbie Fashion Girl, for example, comes in an exciting box with a zebra-like chevron pattern accented with a picture of the doll's face and lots of pink. The feminine bottle has a light pink tinge complemented by a jewel-like topper.

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