Mickey by Disney for Men

Mickey by Disney, Launched in 1995 to an enthusiastic reception around the globe, Mickey is a playful, fresh men’s fragrance. With notes of grapefruit, mandarin orange, coriander, lavender and lime, this cologne is both light and breezy. The fragrance comes in an iconic bottle that prominently features the character relaxing on clear glass. The cologne’s name and manufacturer are also clearly displayed in red and black.

Meanwhile, a pair of ears sit on top of the bottle, making it the perfect display piece even after the supply diminishes. Outside packaging is bright red, yellow, blue, black and white, featuring a large image of the world-famous character.

First making its mark in short films, Disney has become an international powerhouse. Nowadays, the company sits on top of an empire that includes movies, television, toys, clothing and accessories. The brand’s fragrance products first hit the market in the 1990s. The classic fragrances from the line continue to delight wearers and film fans worldwide.

All merchandise that we sell is 100% genuine and original. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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