Pure EVE by The Different Company for Women

Pure Eve Perfume by The Different Company, Pure Eve is a gorgeously layered perfume that surprises the senses at every turn. Released in 2011, the feminine fragrance blends sweet and floral notes to magnificent effect.

The luxurious scent is rich in aromas yet light in sillage, so it can be enjoyed all day. Floral aldehydes softly introduce the fragrance with a powdery tone. Complexity builds at the middle, with flax, white rose, and mimosa each lending their own deep, heady scents. The base is an uncommon blend of cedar, musk, dried fruits, and candied almonds, making for a sugary, irresistible finish. Wear this lovely perfume for a year-round pick-me-up.

The Different Company perfume house was established in 2000. The brand boasts luxurious fragrances packaged in beautiful bottles. Founders Thierry Baschmakoff and Jean Claude Ellena wanted to create contemporary scents using French perfumery traditions. Today, the company has three collections containing 28 original fragrances created by eight expert perfumers.

All merchandise that we sell is 100% genuine and original. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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