1876 Mata Hari by Histoires De Parfums for Women

1876 Mata Hari by Histoires De Parfums, 1876 Mata Hari from Histoires De Parfums is a floral perfume for sophisticated women.

Released in 2001, this captivating scent uses a rich combination of woody, floral and warm spicy notes to create a confidence-building aroma designed to help you conquer any project. Enticing enough for wearing throughout the year, this appealing fragrance is as enchanting at night as it is during the day. Top notes include orange, bergamot and litchi. Heart notes feature iris, rose, caraway, violet, carnation and cinnamon. Base notes are vanilla, musk, guaiac wood, vetiver and sandalwood.

With its moderate to long lasting scent, the 1876 Mata Hari perfume won’t fail you when you need it. A moderate sillage ensures your confidence boosting fragrance won’t overpower those around you. The elegant perfume is the creation of the noses of Gerald Ghislain and Sylvie Jourdet for the world-renowned French fragrance house of Histoires De Parfums. Founded in 2000, the perfume house is known for its fragrance collections inspired by flowers, plants and famous locations in Paris.

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