Acqua Di Parisis Majeste by Reyane Tradition for Women

Acqua Di Parisis Majeste Perfume by Reyane Tradition, Acqua Di Parisis Majeste is a truly majestic eau de parfum for women.

Its top notes are marked by ocean-scented aquatic accords and petitgrain derived from the bitter orange tree. This is balanced out with a sweet, spicy and floral scents from a ginger flower. The scent closes out with a warm, woody and earthy feel with base notes of salted vanilla, ambergris and cashmere wood.

Parisis Parfums is a luxury perfume maker based in Paris, France. They were founded in 1999 and have a wide range of fragrance collections for men and women. Their design approach is to highlight pleasure, taste, intuition and current trends in each scent. Before production, their talented team of perfume makers and collaborators develops a vision that guides the creation of each fragrance. The Acqua Di Parisis collection is designed by Reyane Tradition, who has been designing products for the perfume industry since 2001.

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