Adidas Deep Energy by Adidas for Men

Adidas Deep Energy by Adidas, The main accords of Adidas Deep Energy are citrus, woods and musk. This manly cologne was launched by Adidas in 2007.

The fragrance starts out with refreshing notes of bergamot and mandarin. As the cologne starts to settle on the skin, tones of apple, violet, cardamom and lavender create an intensely sweet, fresh and earthy theme. The woody aroma really shines through in the long-lasting base, which includes notes of musk, cedarwood, Guaiac wood, patchouli and amber.

Today, the Adidas brand offers athletic shoes, clothing and accessories, but when it was launched in 1948 it only produced shoes. As the company grew, its reputation for creating top-of-the-line products became well known. When the fashion house started offering fragrances in 1985 with the help of Coty, it was clear that the perfumes and colognes were going to fall into the same high-quality category. Even the packaging of Adidas Deep Energy is well thought out and eye-catching with a sweep of orange on the deep black box.

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