Al Haramain Dazzle by Al Haramain for Men and women

Al Haramain Dazzle Perfume by Al Haramain, Al Haramain Dazzle is a sweet, youthful women’s perfume that combines fruit notes with the intrigue and spice of patchouli. Its range gives it an exciting originality.

The juicy top notes of blackcurrant and bergamot combine sweet fruit with herbaceous, slightly bitter notes. Middle notes include the exotic, fruity lychee and classically feminine rose. Davarna adds a herbal, fermented scent to the mix, complicating the straightforwardly sweet tones that come forth at the same time. The fragrance closes with warm, earthy and spicy notes. Vanilla and patchouli create a seductive, memorable drydown that lasts on the skin and give off a sultry aroma.

Al Haramain is a prolific perfume brand founded in the United Arab Emirates. It releases perfumes and colognes for wear, and also produces traditional scents for the home and as incense. Since it first started releasing perfumes and colognes in 2012, it has put out a whopping 185 fragrances.

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