Armani Eau De Cedre by Giorgio Armani for Men

Armani Eau De Cedre by Giorgio Armani, Breathe in the revitalizing scent of the woods with Armani Eau de Cedre, an invigorating cologne by Giorgio Armani. This immersive blend is a nature lover’s dream, infused with hearty rich ingredients straight from the depths of the wilderness.

Top notes of lemon, sage and bergamot start off the mix with a refreshing, lively scent that energizes the mind. Middle notes of spicy cardamom, cumin and violet leaf bring a bold Oriental twist that’s entirely intoxicating. Finally, the base notes of black tea, cedar essence, suede and other woody aromas finish off the blend with a smooth, relaxing tone that encompasses the body in a rich yet relaxing cologne that’s entirely unique and effortlessly masculine.

The legendary designer Giorgio Armani has done it again with this 2015 fragrance, a masterful addition to his signature fragrance line of over 155 perfumes. Gaining his notoriety through his talent in the fashion world, he went on to incorporate his designer perfume line with the help of the L’Oreal brand.

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