Bergamask by Orto Parisi for Men and women

Bergamask Perfume by Orto Parisi, Packaged in a simple, stunning clear glass bottle, Bergamask by Netherlandic fragrance brand Orto Parisi is an unusual, arresting aromatic and floral musk scent created for women and men. As the name implies, the backbone of this minimalist perfume consists of bergamot oil and distinctly animalic musk accords.

The opening is a piercing and sensual shock of bergamot in all its vivid complexity, mingling rich fruit nuances with green and herbal aspects. As the scent matures, hints of heady night-blooming jasmine and honey appear, and the powerful undercurrent of darkest musk builds to its full strength, producing an unusual yet undeniably compelling finish with extraordinary sillage and longevity.

Launched in 2014, Orto Parisi is an Amsterdam-based line of niche fragrances created by Alessandro Gualtieri, who is also the artist behind the Nasomatto brand. The five debut fragrances include Bergamask, Brutus, Boccanera and Viride. Each composition has been painstakingly designed to reconnect human individuals with the animalic aspects of the soul as experience through the body.

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