Body Fantasies Signature Freesia by Parfums De Coeur for Women

If you love a flirty, feminine fragrance that surrounds you in a floral scent, then you need to try body fantasies signature freesia perfume. It was introduced in the 2000s and has been tickling the senses ever since. The scent profile of this fragrance includes lily-of-the-valley, heliotrope, rose, and of course, freesia. It’s like a fresh bouquet every time you put it on. When you simply can’t get enough of spring flowers, this scent is the ideal solution. It provides you with a fun scent that is long lasting and will never go out of style. Body fantasies is a part of parfums de coeur. Pdc, founded in 1981, started as a fine fragrance company, and over time morphed into a multi-faceted company with a focus on providing quality products at affordable prices. Pdc sells a range of bath, body, perfume, wellness and personal care products. The focus of body fantasies is on fragrances and bath and body care products for women who crave fun, flirty and fresh scents. If you are a fun, feminine girl who simply loves the fresh scents of spring, then body fantasies signature freesia perfume is perfect for you.
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