Body Fantasies Sparkling Rose by Parfums De Coeur for Women

Body Fantasies Sparkling Rose by Parfums De Coeur, Fun and flirty, Body Fantasies Sparkling Rose perfume in an enchanting fragrance that layer fruity, floral and smoky accords. The aroma opens with bright, invigorating notes of juicy raspberry, tangy mandarin and sweet plum.

The top notes give way to floral heart notes of magnolia, peony and rose petals. Anchored with base notes of smoky sandalwood, rich cedar and sensual tonka bean, this aroma has an earthy undertone that balances out its inherent sweetness. This combination of scent notes results in a fragrance that is great for any spring occasion. It was released in 2021.

Parfums de Coeur is a French perfume company that is known for creating long-lasting fragrances for men and women using simple, natural ingredients. After making a splash in the perfume world in 1989 when it released 36 aromas immediately after opening, the company began to expand its fragrance catalog and now has a scent for every occasion.

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