Bvlgari Man by Bvlgari for Men

Bvlgari Man by Bvlgari, The fresh, floral appeal of the lotus flower engages willingly with the earthy scent of sweet violet leaf to create the commanding top notes in this powerful men’s cologne. Intensely fragrant bergamot completes the overall effect to catch your attention and draw you in. Delightful sandalwood and deep vetiver render the heart of this fragrance both rich and passionate. The warm and pleasing base notes bring in the satisfying richness of golden amber, balmy musk and sweet benzoin to intensify its impact. This cologne comes across as being both charming and mysterious and will captivate all who encounter it.

Bvlgari Man was released in 2010. Bvlgari has a long and fascinating history that began in the jewelry industry in the mid 1800s. This company is known for its exceptional quality and for producing some of the most famous names in the jewelry trade as well as in the fragrance industry.

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