Cafe Chantant Exceptional Edition by Nobile 1942 for Men and women

Cafe Chantant Exceptional Edition Perfume by Nobile 1942, A delicate blend of floral and herbal accords, Cafe Chantant Exceptional Edition is suitable for both women and men.

It builds upon a strong foundation of fragrant laurels, earthy musk, spicy anise and smoky benzoin. Middle notes of herbal patchouli, delicate heliotrope and juicy cherry anchor the fragrance with its inherent floralcy and laces it with juiciness. Creamy vanilla and sweet iris top off the fragrance with a gourmand accord. This combination creates an enchanting aroma that is light enough for everyday wear any time of the year yet is also sophisticated enough for formal occasions.

The Italian fragrance company Nobile 1942 is known for developing fragrances with the help of essential oils. These all-natural ingredients produce long-lasting aromas that are suitable for any occasion. The production process takes longer since the oils have to be extracted and distilled before they can be used but the company has launched 59 enchanting fragrances since opening in 1942.

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