Café Vert by Il Profumo for Men and women

Café Vert by Il Profumo, You get a unique twist on a classic combination of notes within Café Vert cologne from Il Profumo. This men's fragrance contains many citrusy and fruity accords. However, there is also the unmistakable aroma of coffee in the base.

This blend of notes creates something completely different than anything else you have ever worn. Other notes in the profile for you to enjoy include grapefruit, cyclamen, jasmine, mandarin, lemon, geranium oil, rose, white musk, lemon honey and citron pulp.

As a niche fragrance house, Il Profumo specializes in perfumes and colognes that are unlike anything else in the market. The company was founded by Silvana Casoli who made a name for herself as a cosmetologist and aromatherapist. Many exemplary fragrance lines have been released by the brand over the years, including the Osmo line, Multiflor line and Classic line. Each line has its own unique style, which can also be said about Café Vert alone.

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