Cumulus Sky by Windjammer Trading Co. for Men

Cumulus Sky by Windjammer Trading Co., In a fragrance both as ethereal and timeless as a cloud-flecked sky, Cumulus Sky cologne is refreshing and delightful. Featuring a potent mix of florals, citruses and earth tones, it’s both masculine and sensual with a hint of mystery.

The top opens with a burst of blended citrus notes for a bright and cheerful beginning. Sweet and spicy cardamom adds a resinous aroma, and aromatic lavender is freshly floral. The heart is wrapped around magnetic French lily-of-the-valley for a classic white floral scent. Smoky sandalwood gives the middle a strong masculine fragrance. The base has animalic musk for a sense of intimate desire. Creamy tonka bean has hints of almond and a mix of sweet notes rounds out the experience. The impact is cozy and slightly opulent. It’s good for any season and occasion.

Windjammer Trading Co. designs invigorating colognes for adventurous men who still prefer a bit of tradition in their fragrances. They use the highest ingredients to create enchanting and exhilarating scents at affordable prices.

All merchandise that we sell is 100% genuine and original. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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