Darkoud by Hermetica for Men and women

Darkoud by Hermetica, Released in 2019, Darkoud is a spicy fragrance for men and women that gives off oud, floral and rose accords. Oud, rose and saffron notes produce a long-lasting concoction with an enormous sillage.

The rose note's sweetness blends beautifully with the oud note's richness and the saffron note's warm spiciness. The resulting richness of the scent makes it a favorite among devotees for daytime and evening wear in the winter. The brand describes it as a "hypnotic, addictive elixir," a fitting tribute to its magnetic character. Apply the fragrance to your warm skin and revel in the release of its luxurious notes and accords.

French fragrance brand Hermetica and nose Philippe Paparella-Paris concocted the scent. The brand presents the fragrance -- and all its others -- in an emerald green glass flacon with a pale gold perforated cap that bears the brand's logo. The flacon inhabits a pale gold perforated presentation cylinder.

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