Dehn El Oud Seufi Muattaq by Swiss Arabian for Women

Dehn El Oud Seufi Muattaq Perfume by Swiss Arabian, For people who doubt that all good things take time, opening a bottle of Dehn El Oud Seufi Muattaq will surely make them a believer.

This unique fragrance, launched in 2014, is carefully crafted to harness the complexities of one note, oud. This ancient ingredient is touted as liquid gold due to its rarity and the unique natural process needed to create it. Warm, animalic and woody, this rich perfume uses an array of oud notes that have slowly and delicately matured. The result is a bold fragrance that is mysterious and seductive.

Swiss Arabian has been delighting people’s senses with luxurious perfumes and colognes since 1974. Its founder, Hussain Adam Ali, long held a passion for using fragrances to capture the essence of the world in sophisticated scents to complement the human experience. Blending tradition and modernization, the company is internationally known for using high-quality ingredients to craft innovative and unique products.

All merchandise that we sell is 100% genuine and original. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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