Demeter Clove by Demeter for Men and women

Demeter Clove Cologne by Demeter, Clove is a warm spice which grows on an evergreen trees in the tropics. The aromatic seeds resemble nails, which is where cloves derive their name.

The spice I common in kitchens around the world and has traditions of healing, long life and wealth. Carefully captured, Demeter Clove perfume is an authentic scent crafted to take you back to family holidays and freshly-baked pies. This fragrance has only one note, but it is powerful and rich, perfect for adding a cozy feel to your attire or room. This fragrance was first released in 2017.

The fresh smells of tilled earth and cut grass were so inspiring that Demeter just had to try to capture them. This brand experimented for a long time and was finally able to release the scents Grass, Dirt and Tomato in 1996. The unmistakable fragrances surprised and amazed customers, and this brand has been enjoying capturing a world of scents in bottles ever since.

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