Demeter Frankincense by Demeter for Men and women

Demeter Frankincense by Demeter, Demeter Frankincense was released in 2015 and contains only its titular fragrance note. What this unisex scent offers is a multilayered experience of this legendary perfume ingredient.

Derived from Middle Eastern Boswellia sacra trees, frankincense comes from a translucent resin that each tree produces when its bark is cut. This fragrance’s resinous note offers woody, smoky, balsamic, spicy and amber-like facets.

Avant-garde perfumer Christopher Brosius and marketing pro Christopher Gable established Demeter Fragrance Library in 1993. Its unique approach to fragrance creation led to its first three scents in 1996: Grass, Tomato and Dirt. With celebrities like Zooey Deschanel and RuPaul wearing their favorite Demeter fragrances, the brand’s popularity grew. Founding The Library of Fragrance in 2015, the company began offering its large scent collection in Europe. It has almost 400 fragrances to its credit from the traditional to the offbeat, including favorites like Kitten Fur, Sunshine, Patchouli and Lilac.

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