Demeter Glue by Demeter for Men and women

Demeter Glue Cologne by Demeter, If you loved working on model airplanes or cars when you were a kid, Demeter Glue is the perfect fragrance for you to add to your collection.

The composition is simple, featuring just one scent note, but the aroma is sure to make you recall beloved memories from your childhood with the nostalgic scent of industrial glue. Spritz on this cologne for everyday wear so you can recall everything you loved about your childhood.

Demeter is an American fragrance company that is based in Pennsylvania. Its broad fragrance catalog contains scents for both men and women, and the company has an aroma that is perfect for every occasion. The company is known for developing simple scents. Many of the aromas in the company's repertoire feature only one scent note, which allows these fragrances to be strong and long-lasting. With such a large catalog of aromas, the company has a scent for every occasion.

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