Demeter Incense by Demeter for Men and women

Demeter Incense by Demeter, Demeter Incense is a rich, earthy fragrance that is suitable for any occasion. It is infused with copal, a type of plant resin found deep within trees. While copal is the only scent note used in the fragrance, it creates a tantalizing aroma that is earthy and long-lasting. Wear this scent as the perfect olfactory accessory at any time of the year.

Demeter is a relatively new fragrance company. Based in Pennsylvania, the American perfume brand is best known for developing simple aromas for both men and women. Its vast fragrance catalog is filled with aromas that are made of just a few scent notes. Many of the company's scents are made up of just a single scent note. Because the brand only uses natural, high-quality ingredients, each scent is designed to last all day. Many are suitable for various occasions, so they easily transition from casual daytime wear to formal events.

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