Demeter Mr.bubble by Demeter for Men

Demeter Mr.Bubble by Demeter, Demeter Mr.Bubble, which launched in 2015, brings the nostalgic smell of this classic bubble bath brand into a perfume form. The perfume features a combination of banana, peach, coconut, rose, jasmine, raspberry and balsamic vanilla.

Demeter was founded back in 1996. The brand was named after the Greek goddess of agriculture, so it is no surprise that the company originally sought to invoke the smells of nature and gardens. Its first perfumes were thus Grass, Dirt and Tomato.

While most perfumes utilize top, middle and bottom notes to create a scent that changes over time, this company's fragrances use the fewest ingredients possible to create a familiar scent. The smell remains constant, as well. Today, the brand's perfumes go beyond just what is found in the environment. They also capture the smells of drinks such as gin and tonic, desserts such as sugar cookies and even everyday items such as paperback books.

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