Demeter Paint by Demeter for Men and women

Demeter Paint Cologne by Demeter, A "pick-me-up cologne spray," Demeter Paint gives you the emotional and psychological boost you get from a freshly applied coat of paint.

The clean, fresh and new-start effect of paint drying translates well to an imagination-grabbing, energizing and slightly sweet scent. Apply it to your pulse points, warm skin or clothing, and let its aroma inspire you to paint your metaphorical wall or canvas. Whether you choose it for everyday wear or special occasions, you can expect others to respond with positivity and familiarity to your fragrance choice. Fans describe it as "bright," "fresh" and "sweet," which makes it ideal for year-round wear and various occasions.

Demeter, the Pennsylvania-based fragrance library, launched the scent. The brand's advertisement features a pot of high-gloss fuchsia paint with paint dripping from a freshly dipped brush. The cologne spray inhabits a glass flacon that features a white display label with black lettering and fuchsia accents.

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