Demeter Privet by Demeter for Men and women

Demeter Privet Cologne by Demeter, Demeter Privet is an aromatic unisex fragrance with a scent profile consisting of a single note. Native to southern and eastern Asia, privet plants are large evergreen shrubs known for their towering heights and tiny white blossoms.

These planets are distant cousins to olive trees and other plants prized in perfume crafting such as jasmine, lilac and Osmanthus. This fragrance features the many facets of privet: a green floral note with evergreen, narcotic and tangy facets and a bright, sweet edge.

Demeter Fragrance Library started in 1993 with two men’s innovative approach to perfumery. Christopher Brosius and Christopher Gable departed from industry norms, bottling up everyday scents into wearable fragrances. Demeter became an underground sensation with offerings like Dirt, Tomato, Grass, Crayon, Scottish Shortbread and Spacewalk, with celebrities such as Kate Moss and RuPaul sporting their favorites. The brand has released nearly 400 scents and expanded to Europe with The Library of Fragrance, which is headquartered in Italy.

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