Demeter Saffron by Demeter for Men and women

Demeter Saffron by Demeter, Demeter Saffron hit the market in 2016, offering a complex scent profile from one single note: saffron.

This aromatic spicy unisex fragrance brings so many facets out of its saffron note. Called the “king of spices,” saffron comes the red stigmas and golden styles of crocus flowers. These must be harvested by hand and dried – and that’s why it’s so expensive. Saffron infuses this scent with its earthy, grassy, bitter, honey, floral and woody tones.

Demeter Fragrance Library began as a partnership between avant-garde perfumer Christopher Brosius and business partner Christopher Gable. The company released its first three fragrances – Tomato, Grass and Dirt – at New York’s Hendri Bendel department stores in 1996. With just shy of 400 scents in its collections, the brand continues to create standouts like Scottish Shortbread, Birthday Cake, Apple Blossom and Zombie. The brand is owned by Freedom Marketing Group and operates in Europe as The Library of Fragrance, headquartered in Italy.

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