Diamond Royal Musk by Areej Al Ameerat for Men and women

Diamond Royal Musk Perfume by Areej Al Ameerat, Designed for younger fragrance wearers, Diamond Royal Musk features fruity, musky and woody accords that impart confidence and vitality.

The extracted stone fruit note hints at refreshment, while the wood note grounds the fragrance in the fertile earth. The musk note lends its slightly animalic and mysterious scent to the blend, creating a rich aromatic experience that will uplift the wearer and those in her presence. Dab on this alluring fragrance for everyday wear or for special occasions. Whenever you choose to wear it, you can't help but exude the natural energy and confidence of youth!

United Arab Emirates luxury perfume house Areej Al Ameerat is the creative force behind the fragrance. The brand presents it in a clear glass flacon with a gold neck and rounded cap that perfectly set off the golden elixir within. The flacon's label features a repeating cut-diamond motif that also appears on the presentation box.

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