Donna Uomo by Lilian Barony for Men

Donna Uomo by Lilian Barony, Donna Uomo by Lilian Barony is a masculine cologne with a romantic twist. Earthy smells pervade, but softer edges of floral create an alluring fragrance with many different sides.

The top notes rush in with the earthy, fruitiness of bergamot, but are quickly replaced by the heart of the cologne. The natural middle notes of leather and amber provide a woodsy, manly feel to the fragrance. As it settles out, wearers will notice luscious hints of jasmine and lavender as the endnotes.

Lilian Barony is a perfume brand dedicated to creating innovative scents for both men and women. Based out of Milano, the company works with a variety of perfumers to provide quality colognes and perfumes for its dedicated shoppers.

The earthiness of Donna Uomo makes it a perfect choice for an outdoorsy man, yet it complements days spent at the office. Many wearers bring this cologne out during the fall or winter.

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