Eau De Campagne by Sisley for Men

Eau De Campagne by Sisley, Eau De Campagne, created in 1974, is a fresh, energizing cologne for the modern man. Reminiscent of dewy meadows and deep forests, it embodies the greens of nature.

Lemon and bergamot top notes balance each other with a mix of sour and sweet. Both citrus ingredients bring a joyful blast of juiciness to the fragrance. Jasmine and lily of the valley provide the floral middle notes, layering on a powdery and dreamy sophistication. Plum and basil finish the cologne with alternating kicks of dark sweetness and earthy spice. Like a spring breeze, Eau De Campagne lingers throughout the day.

The Sisley cosmetics and fragrance company was launched by celebrated French perfumer Jean Francois Laporte and Roland de Saint Vincent in 1972. Sisley skin care products are known for featuring botanical ingredients and essential oils, which was a novel idea in the 1970s. The company has been run by the d’Ornano family since 1976.

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