Eau De Verveine by Penhaligon's for Men

Eau De Verveine by Penhaligon's, In 1949, Penhaligon’s came out with a wonderful fragrance called Eau De Verveine. This exceptional cologne was re-released in 2009 so that a new generation could discover its incredible composition.

It opens with a rich array of lemon, lime, bergamot, petit grain, clary sage and coriander. Lavender and clove make up the middle part while cedar, vanilla and musk are in the base.

William Penhaligon founded his own perfumery brand back in 1870. The company first started as a barbershop, but this humble storefront soon started selling fragrances in 1872. The perfumes and colognes quickly caught on with people all over the United Kingdom. Although the company saw some hardship in 1941 with the destruction of the original shop, the company received a Royal Warrant in 1956 from the Duke of Edinburgh to resume manufacturing toiletries once again. The brand received another Royal Warrant in 1988 from the Princess of Wales.

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