Elegant Gold by Geparlys for Men

Elegant Gold by Geparlys, In the cool, crisp days of the fall and winter, a warm and inviting fragrance probably shows up frequently in your lineup. Elegant Gold by Geparlys is just such a cologne. In a blend of woody and spicy accords, it has just enough freshness to keep it from being overpowering, and it has plenty of alluring and sensual qualities to make a big impact.

The fragrance opens with crisp citrus notes of orange, grapefruit, and bergamot, which work well with the citrusy, resinous note of elemi. At the heart, gentle orange blossom contrasts with spicy cinnamon and warming nutmeg. The base notes of cedar, amber, and musk are long-lasting and substantial, creating a lingering finish that is cozy and intriguing.

This fragrance comes in an opaque brown glass flacon, on which its name is emblazoned on an elegant gold plaque. It is produced by Geparlys, a French fragrance house with an extensive collection of perfumes and perfume lines, under its Johan B. label.

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