Erba Pura by Sospiro for Women

Erba Pura Perfume by Sospiro, Regal and extremely powerful, Sospiro Erba Pura perfume will carry you through the entire day with cheerful confidence. This very long-lasting fragrance was inspired by a secret orchard hidden behind a blooming floral garden.

Instantly happy, the top opens with a citrus burst of refreshing orange and energetic lemon. Finishing the citrus wave is the fruity sweetness of bergamot. Elegant and powdery white musk brings a sheer heart; sensual, warm and deep, it’s at once familiar and exotic with animalic features. The base has snuggly and erotic amber and succulent Madagascar vanilla for a potent drydown and incredible sillage. The impact is tropical and sweet with a youthful, Kool-aid-like aroma for a playful yet classy vibe. This heavenly fragrance was designed for all seasons, although its magic and alluring presence increases as the temperature drops; perhaps a reminder of all the best from summer months.

Sospiro launched the scent in 2013 and bottled it in an unforgettable, gorgeous turquoise bottle. The synthetic blue velvet coating is beautifully contrasted by the brilliant, metallic gold top.

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