Escentric 01 by Escentric Molecules for Men and women

Escentric 01 by Escentric Molecules, Launched in 2006 and breaking from tradition, Escentric 01 has a major concentration of one scent ingredient, the lab-created aroma molecule Iso Super E.

It moves from top to bottom rather quickly, starting with zesty pink pepper and tart green lime peel, followed by moody balsam, fragrant orris, and smoky incense. The dramatic flow to the woody and fresh Iso Super E base has a minimalist character, and the overall effect is subtle. Suitable for both men and women, It’s a warm and comforting blend that imparts an impressive and enduring scent that continues to develop on the skin, becoming something unique on each wearer.

Geza Schoen, perfumist for design house Escentric Molecules, revolutionized the perfume industry by cleverly and artfully incorporating aroma molecules, namely Iso Super E, into his signature fragrances. Iso Super E and other laboratory-created aroma chemicals are the cornerstone of his innovative fragrance line. Schoen continues to add new scents to his collection to the present day.

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