Ferrari Scuderia by Ferrari for Men

Ferrari Scuderia by Ferrari, It’s possible to experience the essence of several places in the world by using one fragrance called Ferrari Scuderia. In Italian, Scuderia means stable. This fragrance for men stables many spirited and magnificent scents.

Top notes of bright Sicilian lemon embrace the sensual and calming effects of green mandarin and lavender. Cold mint adds a splash of sudden sweetness. The body of this scent encompasses the inspiring effect of Moroccan rosemary coupled with the clean, floral properties of Egyptian geranium. This complex fragrance finishes with one of the oldest perfuming ingredients, spicy Lebanese Cedar and its smoky partner Guaiac wood. Warm musk, Indian amber and the bittersweet essence of tonka bean perfect this sweeping fragrance, released in 2010.

Following World War Ii, Enzo Ferrari established a new Scuderia Ferrari car company. A friend of his, who died during World War I, had the symbol of the prancing horse on his fighter plane. The pilot’s parents suggested that it be used as Scuderia’s logo to bring good luck.

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