Fluidite Du Temps Imaginaire by Salvador Dali for Women

Fluidite Du Temps Imaginaire Perfume by Salvador Dali, When you combine summertime warmth with springtime vibrancy, the result is the floral-woody-musk women’s fragrance of Fluidite Du Temps Imaginaire. The work of the nose of Alberto Morillas and released in 2015, this captivating aroma strikes the perfect balance between innovative and sophisticated.

Apply this alluring scent before you head out for the day and let it carry you forward into a night on the town. Feisty enough to take control of any room, this warm aroma lingers after you’ve moved on to tantalize and intrigue those left in your wake. The enchanting collection of fragrance notes in this scent are sandalwood, bourbon vanilla, saffron, Indian tuberose, bergamot and jasmine.

Though he is best known for his artistry, Salvador Dali made his mark on several fields during his lifetime, including the fragrance world. He released his first scent, which was a result of his collaboration with Cofinluxe, in 1983. Since that time, his brand has grown to include a fragrance catalog of over sixty imaginative scents.

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