Illuminum Hindi Oud by Illuminum for Women

Illuminum Hindi Oud Perfume by Illuminum, Illuminum Hindi Oud is a smoky floral fragrance for both men and women by Illuminum. Introduced in 2011, this fragrance is ideal for someone who doesn’t mind being the center of attention.

Sweet florals open this fragrance, with notes of osmanthus, frangipani and gardenia. The warm exotic heart contains notes of jasmine, Madras oud and rosewood. Finally, the fragrance closes with a touch of musk, accentuating this deep and alluring perfume.

Illuminum was founded by renowned hairstylist Michael Boadi in 2011. After the success of his first perfume line, Boadicea the Victorious, Boadi turned his attention to a new fragrance line. This time, he focused on minimalism and quality. Each of his fragrances falls into one of the four scent groups (citrus, floral, oud and musk) and each fragrance only contains eight ingredients. Because of the simple ingredient profile, it is crucial to Boadi that each ingredient is of the highest quality possible. The company gained recognition when the Duchess of Cambridge chose to wear its White Gardenia Petals perfume on her wedding day.

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