Initio High Frequency by Initio Parfums Prives for Men and women

Initio High Frequency by Initio Parfums Prives, Released in 2016, Initio High Frequency is a unisex floral fragrance crafted with two scent molecules: almond and magnolia.

The result is a sweet, lemony, nutty and bitter center. These accords are enhanced by Hedione, a synthetic perfume note described as “transparent jasmine” with citrus, floral and green facets. Jasmine’s narcotic and creamy aroma intensifies the effect. Balancing these intense accords are sandalwood, heliotrope and vanilla, blending their starchy, milky, earthy and cozy tones.

Established in 2015, Initio Parfums Prives launched its Magnetic 7 fragrances: scent molecules blended with pheromones. Indeed, scent molecules play a huge role in how the brand crafts its opulent scents. Each collection has a unique theme: The Absolutes embody sacred elements, while the Carnal Blends personify intense emotion and sensuality. Its latest fragrances debuted in 2019 and 2021: Atomic Rose and Musk Therapy. Several industry-respected designers have collaborated with the brand: Alexandra Kosinski, Hamid Merati-Kashani and Maurice Roucel, to name a few.

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