Initio Oud For Greatness by Initio Parfums Prives for Men

Initio Oud For Greatness by Initio Parfums Prives, Initio Oud for Greatness is a 2018 unisex fragrance in the brand’s Black Gold Project collection.

An oud scent molecule imparts a characteristic blend of wood, leather, spice and resinous aromas. Agarwood oil, patchouli and musk impart bold smoky, warm and sensual tones. Saffron brings in its unique earthy and grassy accord, while lavender and nutmeg help balance the blend with soft nutty and herbal tones.

Initio Parfums Prives burst onto the perfumery scene in 2015 with its Magnetic 7 fragrances and the first of its Absolutes scents. These initial launches showed the world what the brand would offer: gorgeously crafted perfumes based on scent molecules, using fine ingredients and packaged in beautifully chic bottles. Subsequent releases include its Black Gold, Carnal and Hedonist collections. With its latest fragrances launched in 2021, the company’s future looks promising. Industry greats such as Maurice Roucel, Hamid Merati-Kashani and Alexandra Kosinski have designed scents for the brand.

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