Jardins D'ecrivains Zweig by Jardins D'ecrivains for Women

Jardins D'ecrivains Zweig by Jardins D'ecrivains, Jardins D'ecrivains Zweig is a perfumed candle with a unique and bracing fragrance from Jardins D’ecrivains. This robust, earthy fragrance is perfect for elevating the mundane to the uncommonly interesting.

It contains notes of sandalwood, patchouli and ylang-ylang. Sandalwood is warm and inviting, patchouli is refined with vegetal elements and ylang ylang is an intoxicating exotic floral. It is named for Stefan Zweig, an immensely popular Austrian author during the first half of the 20th century.

Jardins D’ecrivains is a French perfume company founded by Anaïs Biguine in 2011. The inspiration for her line is her love of literature and gardens, which result in fragrances that are refined and complex. Biguine believes that scent can tell a story, and she endeavors to embody her favorite books, authors and periods of literature through her perfumes. Based in Paris, Jardins D’ecrivains utilizes only the finest ingredients from Grasse, which is regarded as the world’s capital of perfume.

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