Jo Malone Oat & Cornflower by Jo Malone for Men and women

Jo Malone Oat & Cornflower by Jo Malone, Stroll through a two-toned paradise of Jo Malone Oat & Cornflower. From the earthy color and woody scent of wild oats, to the floral and aromatic cornflower, this enticingly natural aroma is popular for both women and men.

The hazelnut and vetiver help create the nutty, oat-like scent, and hedione gives a lofty, floral quality to the fragrance. You can enjoy this aroma year round, but it’s particularly enticing in spring, fall and late winter. Whether enjoying a picnic in a grassy field or pushing through crowded streets, this aroma invites you to slow down and the freshness of the day.

Created in 2018, this fragrance is another in the long line of luxury and wildly popular Jo Malone perfumes and scents. From bath products to candles, this company is synonymous with fresh and uniquely memorable fragrances. Now a part of Estee Lauder, the company continues to create innovative scents for a variety of products.

All merchandise that we sell is 100% genuine and original. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

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