Kanon Nordic Elements Water by Kanon for Men and women

Kanon Nordic Elements Water by Kanon, Kanon Nordic Elements Water is an aromatic fougere for men that uplifts and refreshes the wearer and those in his company.

Top notes of cool eucalyptus, fresh apple, lavender and sparkling aldehydes create a naturally fresh and breezy introduction that is also innately soothing. The pairing of lavender and eucalyptus is reminiscent of classic colognes. Geranium and water lily notes form the soft, romantic heart. Base notes of amber, kashmir fusion, moss, musk, orris, patchouli, sandalwood, tonka bean, vetiver and woods create a warm, green, smooth and woody finish that exudes sophistication and charm. This full-bodied foundation provides a robust contrast to the cool and lighter upper notes. Apply to freshly bathed or shaved skin and enjoy its invigorating effect.

Norwegian fragrance brand Kanon is the creative force behind the scent. The company presents the elixir in a slightly rounded aqua blue glass flacon finished with a cylindrical wood-grain stopper.

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