Kate Spade Truly Gracious by Kate Spade for Women

Kate Spade Truly Gracious Perfume by Kate Spade, Kate Spade Truly Gracious is an aromatic green perfume for women of all ages.

Composed of a trio of ingredients, it produces beautiful, enchanting green, musky, powdery and woody accords. The light floral top note of bamboo leaves leads off the olfactory experience. Green sap notes are at the fragrance's heart, giving off their fresh, uplifting aromas. The sweet base note of green musk provides a soft, sophisticated finish to the fragrance, uniting all the notes in harmony. The scent's weak longevity and intimate sillage allow you to reapply it again and again whenever its pleasing effect fades from your skin and clothing. Fans recommend it for daytime wear in the spring and summer.

United States accessories designer Kate Spade released the simple, elegant eau de toilette fragrance in 2017. The product's compact cylindrical glass bottle with its matte black geodesic-like cap and black-and-white label complements the glowing green elixir.

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