Leo Cnr Create by CNR Create for Men

Leo CNR Create Cologne by Cnr Create, Part of an astrological collection, Leo Cnr Create is a woody citrus fragrance for men, created by Olivier Funel.

The top notes in this masculine scent are fragrant citron, balsamic styrax, and aromatic lavender, followed by resinous pine, powdery iris, and flowery rose as the middle heart notes. The base brings the rest of the scent notes together, and is made up of cozy vanilla, intense dark coffee, and woody musty vetiver. Aromatic and fresh, this scent is ideal for the man that encompasses the ideals of a Leo.

Inspired by the stars and their signs, Cnr Create is an astrology based niche perfume designer that got started in 2008. Using a creative process that focuses on authenticity and symbiosis, the company has released three lines of perfumes, all based on star signs and with specially formulated fragrances. Astrology expert Robert Boehm works in conjunction with perfumer Olivier Funel to produce these unique and interesting fragrances for men and women.

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