Malaise Of The 1970's by Etat Libre d'Orange for Men and women

Malaise Of The 1970'S Perfume by Etat Libre D'orange, Introduced in 2012, Malaise Of The 1970's is a fragrance filled with imagination.

Though its notes aren’t separated into top, middle and base, this perfume is well-balanced by its variety of scents. Amber notes lend resinous warmth to this perfume while ambrette contributes musk with a metallic edge. This fragrance also contains the waxy, soapy scent of aldehydes and the dry, acidic essence of citron. Citrus notes provide a balance of tartness and sweetness, while heliotrope evokes the image of a home kitchen with vanilla and almond. Leather adds a touch of masculinity with its cured-hide aroma and patchouli deepens the fragrance with its dark, earthy scent. Pepper adds a little pizzazz with hot spice, while plum rounds out this wild combination with its lush, fruity aroma.

Etat Libre d'Orange is a French company established in 2006. Its fragrances are often erotic and the perfumery prides itself on creating the most daring and unique scent combinations.

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