Mandragore by Annick Goutal for Men

Mandragore by Annick Goutal, In witchcraft lore, the mysterious mandrake herb promotes masculinity. Since 2005, Mandragore has continued the trend.

With top notes of mandrake, ginger and black pepper, the cologne hits the nose with a spicy, effervescent aroma. That initial notion is grounded with hints of woodiness and musk. Even though this cologne is edgy, it isn’t overwhelming. In fact, wearers find this to be a versatile, bold fragrance for home, office or community spaces.

Annick Goutal is a niche perfumery that provides wearable fragrances to customers around the world. Trained as a pianist and model, Ms. Goutal first entered the beauty arena with a now-famous face cream. Her efforts quickly turned to creating memorable fragrances. Even though Ms. Goutal died in 1999, her daughter continues the legacy of making dynamic colognes for men. This fragrance comes in an amber bottle with an attached gold bow. The masculine gold hue extends to the outside packaging, where it makes for an elegant box.

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