Mandragore by Annick Goutal for Women

Mandragore by Annick Goutal, Since 2005, Mandragore has turned heads.

This fresh fragrance for women starts with top notes of black pepper and spearmint. These notes give the perfume a spicy aroma that is both clean and crisp. Hints of star anise and sage leaf follow the spicy notes, adding a creamy softness to this fragrance. Meanwhile, a woody musk grounds this perfume in a way that makes it subtle and uplifting. Whether at home or on the go, the fragrance sits lightly on the skin and has significant staying power.

First a model and talented pianist, Annick Goutal stepped into the beauty realm with a facial cream. She then turned her efforts to making memorable scents. While the original Ms. Goutal is no longer living, her daughter continues to make elegant fragrances for women around the globe. This fragrance comes in an amber bottle with a gold ribbon tied around the neck. A delicate label announces the name of the fragrance house and the internal contents.

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