Menphis by Giorgio Monti for Men

Menphis by Giorgio Monti, Menphis by Giorgio Monti, released in 2009, opens with an intriguing blend of bergamot, apple, grapefruit and pink pepper, but the star of the opening notes is the velvety, smooth plum fragrance. The core notes of a cinnamon and cardamom warm things up with some spice before juniper berries and rum add a definite boozy note that is straightforwardly masculine. The base notes of vanilla, musk and sandalwood add a warm, woody accord that ties the whole thing together.

This is a fragrance that’s ideal for cooler evenings and daytime wear. The plum is the key player with rum and spices in supporting roles, but it never slips into being too sweet thanks to the grapefruit and apple, which keeps Menphis crisp and casual.

Giorgio Monti is one of several perfume companies owned by Parfums Jean Jacques Vivier. Based in France, the Monti line includes thirty fragrances for men and women.

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