Mitchum Triple Odor Defense Clean Control by Mitchum for Men

Mitchum Triple Odor Defense Clean Control by Mitchum, It doesn't matter whether you're male or female, the truth is that all humans sweat and produce body odor — but don't let that discourage you.

Even the toughest body odor is no match for Mitchum Triple Odor Defense Clean Control deodorant for men. Working out, jogging or even going about your normal workday, you're protected thanks to its 48-hour strength against even the most grueling of heat. If you're worried about your sensitive skin getting irritated, there's no need; soothing aloe and vitamin E help to provide relief for calming and relief from razor burn or breakouts.

Although its parent company is Revlon cosmetics, the Mitchum brand was founded in 1959 Paris, Tennessee by the Warren family before being purchased in the 1960s. The company has since been selling antiperspirants and deodorants for men and women both, each stick immediately recognizable thanks to the distinctive green packaging and lettering.

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